Meet Our Troop

Individual commitment to a group effort



CEO/Founder 21 years

David is a passionate, lifelong entrepreneur and experienced senior developer. He is a Certified Software Developer / Analyst and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, both completed at Concordia University. Before launching his own digital agency, David honed his programming skills in the tech industry, later giving birth to a passion for business operations, which solidify his position at the helm of Kanguru Digital Agency today. He also kickstarted an in-house app development project called Flixi: an AI video streaming app, available for Android and IOS. In his day-to-day operational functions, David reinforces and oversees his digital marketing team, and is also responsible for business development.

Area of Expertise

  • Full Stack Development


Senior Developer / Technical Director 16 years

Carlo has been developing websites and building custom web applications for over 15 years. He is known for writing clean, efficient code that stands the test of time. He has created and developed web applications for organized sports leagues that collect, archive and provide analytical statistics for over 5000 active members. A highlight on Carlo’s vast resume includes software creation and CRM implementation for a large mortgage broker firm made up of over 200 brokers. His passion for coding and creation is only matched by his constant will to learn. His years of experience, his broad knowledge base and his ability to solve complex problems makes him one of the main go-to’s at Kanguru Digital Agency.

Area of Expertise

  • Full Stack Development
  • Dev-ops


Web Solutions Architect 18 years

Lawrence began developing websites for pleasure over 15 years ago and has been doing so ever since. His passion is having the ability to create limitless, online solutions. He enjoys all aspects of web application creation but is also fond of pushing a product to success, whether it be through SEO or digital marketing. One of his proudest achievements is creating his own framework and CMS - a powerful, robust platform that allowed for quick and easy delivery of complex projects. Lawrence also has a knack for restructuring and refining the way things are done, from better tooling and optimization to more efficient operational workflows. Over his 15 years developing websites and web applications, he has pushed many products and businesses from inception to success.

Area of Expertise

  • Web Development
  • Product Management
  • Operations Management
Sheldon Muir Sheldon Muir

Sheldon Muir

Senior Developer 15 years

Sheldon is a full-stack developer who has been coding and designing for a little over 15 years. Though he has worked with many technologies over the years, he always does his best to stay proficient in the most current and trending tech platforms above all. His most recent project is developing an in-house app named Flixi: an AI-driven, video streaming app, available for Android & IOS. From the initial idea to the full web app launch, it has always been important for Sheldon to see a project through completely. Sheldon has also worked on high-traffic websites that garnered over 100,000 visitors a day, which is why delivering clean, developer-friendly and high-performance code is something that he focuses on, regardless of the project’s size

Area of Expertise

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Dev-Ops


Senior Developer 8 years

Raheel participates in all phases of development: analysis, conception, implementation, documentation and deployment. His functions include planning, testing and migrating digital solutions. His strength is developing high-quality code while adhering to the best practices and conception models, as well as following standard IT procedures. Raheel is responsible for maintaining all digital solutions for one of our biggest clients - a mortgage broker firm that employs over 200 brokers. Some highlights of his career include having placed in the top 10 positions for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 (Pakistan) and 4th position in PROBRAINS All Karachi IT Competition held at UBIT Karachi University (Pakistan).

Area of Expertise

  • Full Stack Development


Project Manager, Content Writer & SEO Specialist 15 years

Marco is a multi-faceted writer who has been writing professionally for over 16 years. He began his content writing journey working for various web agencies in Montreal before finding his home at Kanguru Digital Agency. His writing versatility has led him to produce creative online content for a vast array of businesses, across industries like: AI software, textiles, health and wellness, restaurants and much more. His latest content writing project is for an NGO, who’s initiative is to end the use and recruitment of child soldiers around the world. His forté is seamlessly bridging the gap between relevant, SEO optimized content and engaging story-telling. His most recent SEO & SEM campaigns have garnered clients an average of 20%-35% increases in revenue, online visibility and brand awareness.

Area of Expertise

  • Jira
  • SEM Rush
  • Google Ads Certified


Full Stack Developer 7 years

Eric comes from an extensive background in technology. From working in IT to being a freelance developer, his experience with a vast array of platforms and clients plays a big part in his well-rounded approach. His accomplishments include: launching a subscription based, monthly jewelry box, creating a video game using HTML5 (in Hebrew), and developing a web application for lawyers. His wide range of projects and knowledge base, as well as his ability to work well within a team atmosphere, make working with him pleasurable, informative and efficient.

Area of Expertise

  • Node
  • PHP
  • Laravel


Front-End Developer 5 years

Mathieu first graduated in graphic design where he was simultaneously introduced to coding and programming. After an in-depth education in front end development, he worked for the MTY group, which allowed him to work on web development for well-known food brands like Thai Express and Sushi Shop. Mathieu always aims to create a website that has a very user friendly experience and that is also fairly easy to maintain. He has a very strong understanding of the WordPress development platform,as well as the Adobe creative suite, and is also versatile in graphic design. Mathieu’s well-rounded experience and team oriented approach makes him a pleasure to work with.

Area of Expertise

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Javascript
Jonathan-Paul Marois Jonathan-Paul Marois

Jonathan-Paul Marois

Full Stack Developer 20 years

Jonathan is a full stack web developer with over a decade of experience on various types of network systems and close to 20 years programming in general. His code is known to be as solid as his work ethic. He has worked independently and directly with architects and project managers. He has been a team member dedicated to R&D and migration projects, or solo on legacy system maintenance. Jonathan also has experience with Micro-framework RESTful API development and unit testing experience on online multimedia platform with streaming services similar to Netflix, Spotify, and Audible.

Area of Expertise

  • Full Stack Development
  • Dev-ops


Web Designer / Brand Developer 9 years

Kevin encompasses artistic expression and the ability to create beautiful, user friendly online experiences. He helps businesses connect to their audiences by using brand psychology through visual communication. Kevin has also created and launched brand identities, which were extremely well received by the public. His eye for UI/UX design is extremely keen. Kevin prides himself on being a lifelong student and always goes the extra mile to exceed client expectations.

Area of Expertise

  • Brand Development
  • Visual Identity Design